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15 June 2016

Eurosatory 2016: RUAG SITTAL Goes Wireless

The  RUAG  SITTAL small  arms  trainer  is now  available  with  wireless technology  and in a  mobile  configuration.  These  latest  developments make  training  more effective by  providing  users  their  full  range  of  natural  movement,  and increasing  access  to training.         

RUAG Defence  is  continuing  to develop  its  SITTAL  small  arms  trainer.  The  professional  shooting simulator  teaches  weapon handling  and  firing  for  both individuals  and  fire  teams,  on  a  range  of weapon types.  The  latest  development    makes  wireless weapons compatible with the  SITTAL  and still  provides  the  precision  and  realism  that  is  the  hallmark  of  RUAG  Defence’s  Simulation & Training technology.     SITTAL  has  proven  an  efficient  and  effective training  tool  since  its  adoption  by  the  French  army, thanks  to  its  high  realism  and  the  depth of  analysis  made  possible by  the  data  it  records.

Instructors  can  assess  trainee’s  aim,  trigger  pressure  and  even  breathing  during  exercises  allowing them to make corrections and improve performance.  SITTAL  is  powered  by  RUAG’s  immersive 3D  technology  encompassing  realistic  scenarios  and environments  inhabited  by  characters  whose behaviour  is  made  realistic  thanks  to  advanced artificial  intelligence. 

Instructors  can  easily  edit  and create new  scenarios,  improving  the  continued effectiveness of trainings and helping users train for specific missions they will face. 

The  new  mobile configuration of  the  SITTAL  provides  an  easily  transportable version  of  the  trainer with space  for  5  shooters.  This  configuration  provides  the  same detailed  feedback  on  trainee’s performance but doesn’t require dedicated infrastructure. 

At  EUROSATORY 2016,  RUAG  is  exhibiting  under  its  new  promise  “We  listen  to  make  it  right,  we stay  to  make  it  real,  a promise  you  can  trust.”  The  new  promise has  been  formulated  to  restress RUAG’s long term commitment to its customers, its solution oriented focus and trustworthiness.