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15 June 2016

Eurosatory 2016: RUAG to Deliver Integration/Installation for UAS Recce System

RUAG  Defence  has  been  awarded  the  contract  to  perform  the  integration and installation  of  the  communication  systems  and data  terminals needed  for  the  Swiss Military’s new  Elbit  Systems HERMES UAS  (Unmanned  Aircraft  System)  at  remote  sites. 
RUAG  Defence has been  selected  due  the  company’s proven  capability  in performing  reliable  and  robust system  installation  in harsh  environmental  conditions. The  new  ADS-15  (Drone  Reconnaissance  System  15)  is  set  to  replace  the previous  ADS-95 system.  It  will  provide  the  Swiss  Military  and  civilian  organisations  with an  enhanced capability  to carry  out  surveillance of  large areas,  search and  rescue operations,  and help protect  key infrastructure  sites.    
RUAG Defence  will  be  responsible  for  the  site  installation to assure accurate  functionality  of  the communication  link  between the  ground  and  the  UAV.  Installing  a  variety  of  technologies  including “line-of-sight”,  GPS,  and  various sensors  and control  systems.  It  is  important  that  the communication  infrastructure  is  robust  and able  to  withstand the  harsh conditions  experienced  in the  high  altitude and  exposed  locations.  RUAG’s  experience of  delivering  successfully  in such environments  is  why  the  company  will  lead the  integration  and  installation  part  of  the  ADS-15 project.      
RUAG Defence  will  design  and carryout  the  integration  at  a  number  of  high  altitude and challenging locations with work due to be completed on the final site in 2019.