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15 June 2016

Eurosatory 2016: RUAG COBRA Mortar  System Gathering  Pace

The  RUAG  COBRA Mortar  System  continues  to  develop towards serial production  after  impressing  in  trials  for  the  Swiss  and  international  customers.    

Since  the  selection of  the RUAG  COBRA  Mortar  System  by  the  Swiss  Armed  Forces  it  has  been part  of  the  country’s  Armament  programme for  2016.  At  a  recent  presentation  to  the  Swiss  Minister  of Defence,  the  parliamentary  security  commission  and members  of  Swiss  Army’s  joint  Staff,  RUAG demonstrated  the  latest  status  of  the  Swiss  configuration of  its  120mm  Mortar  including  the  semiautomatic loader and integrated on board ballistic computing. 

In May, the  COBRA  underwent  further  shooting  exercises  as  part  of  a live demonstration  for  a number  of  interested  international  customers.  During  this  shooting  the  COBRA  was  integrated  in  a Piranha,  and  again demonstrate its  ability  to  fire  four  rounds  in under  20  seconds.  The  continued success  of  trials  is  a clear  indication of  the  COBRA’s  capability  and that  it  will  soon be  ready  for serial production.   

The  COBRA  has  been  developed  with RUAG’s  extensive experience in  the Mortar  Business  and with a  clear  focus on  providing  modern  and  flexible  fire  support.  The  technology  within COBRA supports  MRSI  (Multiple  Round  Simultaneous  Impact)  firing and effective deployment  of  shoot  & scoot  tactics.  Its  intuitive handling,  open  architecture  and  81mm  insertion  barrel  support  easy integration with modern command & control equipment and effective user training.   

At  EUROSATORY 2016  RUAG  is  exhibiting  under  its  new  promise  “We  listen  to  make  it  right,  we stay  to  make  it  real,  a promise  you  can  trust.” 

The  new  promise has  been  formulated  to  restress RUAG’s long term commitment to its customers, its solution oriented focus and trustworthiness.