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15 June 2016

Eurosatory 2016: Saab Ground Combat Systems

As military operations include more and more instances of small infantry unit operations in complex and highly contested environments, the need for powerful and advanced man-portable weapon systems continues to increase. At Eurosatory 2016 Saab presented its range of individual and crew-served weapons, incluing the AT4 Roquette NG, Carl-Gustaf M4 and NLAW.

The Roquette NG family, which includes AT4CS ER (anti-armour extended range), AT4CS AST (anti-structure and breaching), and AT4CS HE (high-explosive anti-personnel), is on show, as is the newly developed lightweight multi-purpose weapon system Carl Gustaf M4.  The NLAW anti-tank weapon also provides visitors with a first hand view of Sabb’s response to increased European Demand for lighttweight disposable anti-tank weapons.

“We are here with our whole ground combat portfolio since the interest in both this region and others, like Asia-Pacific and North America, is huge for these kind of solutions. It is a great honor to present the Roguette NG weapon system to the visitors at Eurosatory for the first time since we received the order from the French Armed Forces in 2014”, says Henrik Vassallo, head of Country Unit France & Benelux.

Saabs´ versatile and powerful shoulder-launched support weapons fill the capability gap between lighter support weapons or personal assault rifles, and heavy on-demand fire support. With greater flexibility in firepower and greatly enhanced availability, a unit’s striking capability can be improved as required.