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13 June 2016

Eurosatory 2016: Safran Introduces New-Gen JIM Compact Multifunction Binoculars

The new JIM Compact capitalises on the global success of the well-known JIM family of multifunction infrared (IR) binoculars, with some 9,000 units already in service or on order. It joins the wide range of portable optronic (electro-optical EO) systems and equipment offered by Safran. The design engineers at Safran called on feedback from the nearly 40 customers already deploying JIM binoculars, including a number of NATO countries.  

JIM Compact meets the critical needs of today’s armies to perform even the most demanding missions, according to the company: All-weather observation, engagement and precise target location. It features a very compact, robust design, light weight (2 kg with batteries), and an intuitive man-machine interface, designed for day or night front-line operations. The new-generation JIM Compact incorporates a number of innovations, kicking off a new generation of optronics. For the observation role it includes daytime sensors and cooled infrared sensors, as well as a new feature on this type of device, a third, low-light channel. For accurate target location, it integrates a rangefinder, laser pointer, magnetic compass and GPS. An integral part of the digital battlefield, JIM Compact also features transmission and remote-control modules (Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on option), in addition to shared video streaming. It also displays laser designators and pointers without needing to add any components, providing invaluable aid to forward observers. With its open architecture, JIM Compact constitutes a targeting system core when combined with a laser illuminator and the Sterna geographic north seeker designed and built by Safran.