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13 June 2016

Eurosatory 2016: SETO IR-Lamp Premier

The new trend in LED-lighting is green. Green light means better contrast, in comparison to white light. SETOLITE therefore present his portfolio also now with green LEDs, e.g. ALDEBRAN Flex 360°, RAPTOR RP 1000 or the ALDEBRAN 4000A X1 Signal Series (1,000 lm/529 nm, dimmable, depending on the light intensity the battery is good for up to 38hrs.).
A premier at Eurosatory is the  SETO Power Infrared especially designed for the use with night vision – e.g. for SOF. The lamp is still a prototype, dimmable, 55W strong, offers IR- (900 Nm) and white light and the battery has a duration for >12hrs.