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14 June 2016

Eurosatory 2016: Several World Premiers by Iveco Defence Vehicles

Eurosatory 2016: Several World Premiers by Iveco Defence Vehicles
At this year’s Eurosatory Iveco Defence Vehicles are showcasing several new vehicles and upgrades. One is the SUPERAV for ACV 1.1 8x8 for the US Marine Corps Project. It is in cooperation with BAE Systems, and was just downselected by the USMC for the EMD phase in November 2015.
It is built from the ground up to be an amphibious vehicle and will provide significant capability improvements to satisfy the Marine Corps’ current and future needs. As a next step BAE Systems will deliver 16 prototypes for testing. The vehicles are equipped with a new 6-cylinder, 700 horsepower power pack, which provides a significant performance increase with respect to the current Assault Amphibious Vehicle and can hold up to 3+13 soldiers. To meet the requirements there were just been some improvements, e.g. more power and modification to the hull. The vehicle performs best in class mobility in all terrains.

The all new LMV 2
For the first time ever, Iveco is presenting the LMV 2 (Light Multirole Vehicle). The new development has been subject to continuous development, most typically deriving from lessons learned in the field, in order to meet the specific operational requirements of its
users. The LMV 2 provides better performance, greater reliability, and increased crew comfort. One of the most important benefits is the
growth of payload of some 40% to approximately 1.5 tonnes, depending on the vehicle configuration. While at the same time the GCW ahs not be rising significantly. The new version, implemented with a new 220 horsepower engine, presents an upgraded driveline capable of managing more power, and a new air filtration system. In order to provide maximum mobility, a new automatic gearbox, upgraded with two additional speeds (eight in total), makes the transition between gears smoother when driving off-road. When operated in conjunction with the automatic drive
management system (ADM), this ensures that the vehicle performance is optimized to meet the challenges of the most demanding of terrain scenarios. A new electronic stability control (ESP) system, able to work in off road conditions, enhances driving safety as well as driver comfort and agility. Further mobility enhancements are achieved through a specially designed suspension system, combined with tyres to better match different terrains.
Also the protection was improved, e.g. IED protection is further enhanced by the addition of a third hinge added to each door and the use
of new materials. LMV2 is designed to accommodate extensive GFE, including radios, BMS, intercom and Electronic Counter Measures (ECM). The vehicle is extremely well adaptable to being deployed as a mobile radio platform, by the nature of its outstanding Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) profile and can fulfill the most demanding DEF-STAN and MIL-STD requirements. Sub-system integration has also been greatly eased by the adoption of a new vehicle digitised electronic architecture and an improved power supply. This allows for mission systems such as remote controlled weapon stations, BMS, intercom, and ECM to be seamlessly integrated onto the platform without complication.
Iveco tried to keep the new LMV 2 as light, manoeuvrable and easy to use as the older version – so it is not bigger. It is already fully validated by the industry, test with the Italian Army are still running, expected to be finished mid 2017. Part of the vehicle test is also the test of the new communication system, that is integrated.

World ptremier M70.20 WM – Light Range 4x4
The new Iveco Defence Vehicles’ M70.20 WM comes in a crew cab and van version, it is a purpose built military vehicle, which also benefits from the use of many commercial components. Rugged and highly mobile, it has been developed to meet the demanding requirements of military users and to be used in urban contexts for public order and internal security operations. Its predecessor, the M40E15-WM has had extraordinary commercial success, with more than 18,000 units sold worldwide over the last 30 years.
With a GVW up to 7.0 tonnes, the vehicle is designed to carry 8+2 men complete with their personal equipment or a payload of up to 3.5 tonnes. The growing demand for highly deployable forces has been taken into full account by the M70.20 WM design team. The vehicle has a low, compact silhouette which allows its transportation in C-130. 70.20 can be equipped with a choice of FPT Industrial engines with leading Euro 6 technology, offering a power rating of 175 HP, and well proven Euro 3 technology, generating 146 HP, 175 HP or 197 HP.

Another world premier is the High Mobility 8x8 Tractor M1250.70T WM. In response to the rising demand for extremely high-power tractors, Iveco Defence Vehicles has developed a 680 HP tractor. Equipped with a FPT Industrial Cursor 16 engine and an upgraded gearbox, this vehicle completes Iveco Defence Vehicles’ range of High Mobility Trucks and represents a vehicle solution that, in addition to power, offers mobility, manoeuvrability and reliability. The 16-litre diesel engine, suitable for use in heavy load applications, has been implemented in this vehicle for the first time in the automotive industry.

Thanks to the new driveline, equipped with automated 12 speed transmissions and optional INTARDER, the High Mobility Tractor is able to operate in the most adverse conditions and in a wide range of terrains, including sand, maximising on and off road performance.
A specially designed cab will allow integration of appliqué opaque and transparent panels to provide ballistic and IED protection which can be mounted or dismounted whilst deployed on operations. This is complemented by a mine protection kit which, again, can be fitted in the field.
8x8 High Mobility Tractors have been in service by the Italian Army since several years, implemented with 560 HP engines: the new 680 HP version will be displayed for the first time at Eurosatory.

Also on display is the family of MOTS TRAKKER, ranging from 4x4 to 10x10. The TRAKKER is sold to many nations, e.g. Switzerland.
Later the day there was another premier: The CENTAURO 2.