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15 June 2016

Eurosatory 2016: Shladot Highlights New Heavy Duty Tank Transporter

Shladot highlights its Heavy Duty Tank Transporter (HDTT) with only two axles in hall 6, on stand #E587, for loads up of to 77 tons. The HDTT has been tested for carrying modern ultra-heavy battle tanks and has already been deployed. According to Eitan Igra, Shladot’s General Manager, "the HDTT was developed in response to the need for a simple heavy duty transporter with only two axles (instead of 3, 4, or 5 axles) with the capability of loading and transporting heavy tanks. The advantages of a transporter with only 2 axles include simplifying transport and significantly reducing transport and maintenance costs, while eliminating the need for operating and maintaining expensive multi-axle steering systems."

Shladot's HDTT has been tested for carrying modern ultra-heavy main battle tanks and has already been deployed. 

Shladot's HDTT range of trailers, designed for durable and rugged operations with payloads of up to 77 metric tons, have a gross vehicle weight of up to 96,000 kg. Among its features are a pneumatic braking system with EBS (Wabco or equivalent), a two-speed heavy duty mechanical landing gear, and a 12/24V lighting system. Options include rear hydraulic stabilizers, a lubrication distribution system, and a central tire inflation system.

In addition to the tank transporter, Shladot  also promotes the DAVID and the TIGER – armoured vehicles being used by armies and police forces around the world.

The DAVID is a battle-proven, ultra-light, survivable, cost-effective armoured vehicle that seats four, six or eight crewmembers. Based on a commercial Toyota pick-up truck chassis, the DAVID armoured capsule – with up to STANAG II protection – offers advantages in versatility and lifecycle cost. With hundreds in use by the IDF, it has a GVW of 4.5t, and provides roof turret and 24V options.

The TIGER Mk II combat vehicle is a medium-weight, survivable, cost-effective all-terrain armoured vehicle that seats up to twelve crewmembers. Based on a Ford or Dodge chassis, and delivering up to STANAG III protection, the 8.8t GVW vehicle offers significant advantages in power, room, protection and lifecycle cost. The Tiger Mk II comes in a short, medium or large body, and provides roof turret and 24V options.