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16 June 2016

Eurosatory 2016: SINUS Showcases True Innovation

To connect an Inductively Coupled Mobile Telephone (ICMT) to a system, one simply clamps the phone inductively to the deployed power cable from the MDPL reel, at any convenient location along the cable’s path throughout an entire field camp. The MDPL can support up to 100 ICMTs for calls worldwide. It has never been easier to make a connection and build a complete field camp network for encrypted data and calls, according to SINUS (exhibiting in hall 6, stand #K602).

The company furthermore has introduced one of the world’s first unique multi-functional ruggedised cable drums for power, Ethernet and IP telephony. Their patented Military Data over Power Line (MDPL) provides power of 100V to 250V/17A AC, Ethernet (1Gbit/s), and IP telephony by using only one cable, to an entire field camp. MDPL can manage up to 100 IP phones + 16 ISDN phones and all communication data is encrypted twice. MDPL is compatible with all major telephone systems including Internet (worldwide).

The company also has unveiled one of the smallest military ruggedised connecting Interfaces for Power and Data protection. The Smallest Military Connecting Interface (SMCI), as the company calls it, is equipped with lightning protection (10kA at 8/20) and HF filtering (10GHz/60db) for Power, Signal and Data lines.

For more information please see MILITARY TECHNOLOGY #06/2016, available at the show in hall 6, stand #B197; and frequently check back for more NEWS FROM THE FLOOR.