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13 June 2016

Eurosatory 2016: Textron Systems showcases G-CLAW precision weapon

Textron Systems showcases its G-CLAW precision weapon for use mainly on fixed-wing aircraft. Rory Doherty, Capture Manager Precision Weapon Systems, told MT that it is an unpowered glide weapon featuring a GPS-aided Inertial Navigation System (INS) for higher precision. Textron Systems speaks of a precision of "4m from centre of target area". According to Doherty, the weapon is currently under intense examination, with flight tests being carried out from a dispensing launcher which the manufacturer calls "Common Launch Tube. He suggested to MT that the precision glide weapon on offer to the US Armed Forces and the international market can also be fitted to conventional bomb racks as carried by many aircraft optimised for the Close Air Support (CAS) role. This requirement is a global trend, he confirmed. Doherty did not confirm possible use of the weapon from larger fixed-wing unmanned aircraft, however. While explaining the weapon's performance characteristics, he stated that carriage by rotary-wing aircraft "isn't on the agenda", adding that the use of unguided glide weapons from helicopters would pose "some" risks. STN