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12 June 2016

Eurosatory 2016: Undercover Fuel Cell

SFC Energy AG is presenting a reliable off grid power for covert and underground surveillance & security applications. Stationary security & surveillance systems are used in defense applications for reconnaissance, physical protection and observation, border protection, public safety, event security, sensing, monitoring, and communication purposes. Many of these systems must be employed covertly, often underground, for undercover surveillance. Whenever power-hungry equipment is used away from the grid, operators face the challenge of how to reliably provide it with power, as uninterrupted 24/7 availability of the equipment must be ensured at any time.

SFC Undercover Fuel Cell

The challenge becomes even more severe in long missions, where equipment must operate without user attendance over weeks or months. Conventional solutions are limited: Batteries alone cannot meet the requirements in long scenarios, forcing operators to make long trips with large, heavy spare batteries. Generators require maintenance and produce detectable signatures. Solar modules are weather dependent and easy to detect. SFC power supplies with fuel cells are a silent, lightweight, non-detectable alternative.

Fuel cells recharge batteries fully automatically. Thanks to the high energy density of their fuel (30 times higher than that of lead acid batteries and 7 times higher than that of Li-ion batteries) operators benefit from much power at minimum weight and volume. Intelligent power management enables hybrid operation with other energy sources, e.g. solar panels.

SFC Undercover Fuel Cell

The Undercover Fuel Cell by fuel cell expert SFC Energy was specifically developed for providing reliable, undetectable power to any kind of security, surveillance, video, audio, sensing or monitoring equipment in covert defense and security missions. It expands the successful track record of SFC’s popular EMILY fuel cell into underground and covert applications. At a weight of only 15 kg the fully integrated power generator can be easily transported by soldiers, police and law enforcement offices in the field or by air transport using a parachute.

The Undercover Fuel Cell will be supplied in a fully integrated system complete with battery and a choice of fuel cartridges from 5 to 28 l. Number and size of cartridges can be selected upon mission requirement by the operator to ensure unattended undetectable power for as many days, weeks or months as required without user attendance

The fuel cell is able to deliver a capacity of 2,400 Wh per day, which will be supplied to the system’s battery.

Major advantages of the Undercover Fuel Cell are extremely long power autonomy without any user attendance, non-detectability, very light weight, and ultra rapid deployment. It can be used above ground or underground in a multitude of security & surveillance applications.

Once switched on, it will produce fully automatic, independent off-grid power, 24/7, in any weather and season, as long as there is fuel. In operation the fuel cell is silent, environmentally friendly and produces no detectable thermal or noise signatures.

SFC Defense Portfolio

The Undercover Fuel Cell is SFC Energy’s latest defense product. The Company’s portfolio also includes the EMILY fuel cell for vehicle-based applications, the SFC Portable Power Network with JENNY fuel cell and SFC Power Manager for soldiers and special forces in the field, and a variety of fully integrated weather proof plug & play power systems in robust, weatherproof boxes or cabinets, that will provide fully automatic power anywhere, anytime, within seconds. The products have NATO stock numbers and are deployed with NATO forces.

EMILY fuel cell for vehicle-based applications

Surveillance trailer solutions

For mobile security and surveillance application, i.e. for monitoring major events or temporary structures, SFC Energy also offers trailer solutions with fuel cells.

About SFC Energy

SFC Energy fuel cell products are used by numerous international police, defense, and intelligence organizations. SFC Energy has been cooperating closely with defense organizations for over 10 years. It is the world’s first company with a fuel cell fully approved for use by German Bundeswehr. The U.S. ARMY Test and Evaluation Command uses SFC fuel cells on their test ranges to power instrumentation. SFC Energy has sold over 35,000 fuel cell systems in defense and security, off-grid industry and consumer applications worldwide. For more info please visit our webpage: www.sfc-defense.com