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14 June 2016

Eurosatory 2016: World Premiere for the CENTAURO II MGS

Today at Eurosatory, the CIO (Consortium Iveco Oto Melara), Joint Venture between Iveco DV and Leonardo and design authority for the entire fleet of italian combat vehicles (ARIETE, CENTAURO, DARDO, FRECCIA and derivatives), presented officially for the frist time the new CENTAURO II Mobile Gun System.

This CENTAURO II  is not a simple evolution of the previous CENTAURO, but is an entirely new development. The new vehicle represents a radical upgrade on all the basic characteristics of an armoured vehilce: firepower, mobility and protection. CENTAURO II firepower benefits of the introduction of the 120/45 mm smoothbore gun with a semi-automatic electrical autoloader and a new generation Fire Control system. Even if the Gross weight of the CENTAURO II is higher (30 tons vs 27 tons) the mobility of the new vehicle is improved thanks to a new very powerful engine (720HP vs 520HP). The armor package is designed to protect against mines and IEDs while “old” CENTAURO lacks of this capacity (it was was designed, 30 years ago, when mines and IEDs were not as dangerous as today).

Plus new CENTAURO II is a neworkcentric warfare vehicle, fully compliant with italian army digitalisation programs and systems.

Basic data
lenght 8,26 m
height 3,65 m
width 3,12 m
gross weight 30 t
max speed >100 km/h
power to weight ratio 24 CV/t
Engine power 533 kW (720 HP)
Crew 4

Eugenio Po, RID