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02 June 2016

ILA 2016: The All-in-One Airborne Surveillance Pod

At ILA Berlin Airshow 2016, the OctoPod is an all-in-one belly-mounted airborne surveillance pod jointly developed by Aerodata and its subsidiary Optimar.. It enables multi-sensor-based airborne surveillance operations while minimising space consumption and costs for aircraft modification and certification. The OctoPod interfaces to the mission systems AeroMission and MEDUSA.

Its missions include Wide-Swath Radar Imaging via the Optimare SLAR; Continuous Radar Surveillance via state-of-the-art AESA radar; EO/IR imaging via a 15in EO/IR gimbal; Aerial Visible Imaging via the Optimare VIS Line Scanner; SAR and Tactical Direction Finding via an Airborne Radio Direction Finder; Scanning Microwave Radiometry via the Optimare Microwave Radiometer MWR-P; Day & Night Substance Classification via Optimare Laser Fluorosensor LFS-P; and Aerial IR/Ultraviolet Imaging via an IR/UV Line Scanner.

Aerodata Optimare showsases modular belly-mounted surveillance pod.  (Photo: Mönch)