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29 June 2016

Rockwell Collins Does Not See Major Challenges in BREXIT for its European Operations

Rockwell Collins is a company with operations in 80 countries around the globe. Its Europe, Middle East and Africa businesses (EuMEA) contribute over $1 billion in sales (fully 20% of the corporation’s annual revenues) and over $120 million in internal research and development efforts. The region’s importance is obvious to the corporation as a whole.

Briefing journalists in Toulouse on 28 June, Claude Alber, vice president and managing director for EuMEA, was sanguine about the potential effects that the UK’s vote to leave the EU may have on his business unit. “Like any company we have analysed the potential effect in advance and have considered what our reactions might be. Our conclusion is that it does not have a big impact on us in the long term,” he said.

The company has a strong presence in the UK, particularly in the training and simulation line of business centred on its plant at Burgess Hill and its acquisition of visual systems specialists SEOS. The F-35 Griffin simulator, which the company demonstrated in the same briefing, is one of the principal product-centred solutions the EuMEA business will be pushing in coming months and years as decisions are made regarding training facilities by all the F-35 users.