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13 June 2016

two major bridge systems in service with the French Army

French military bridging innovator CNIM informed MT on two major bridge systems in service with the French Army: the PTA Modular Assault Bridge and the PFM Motorised Floating Bridge. The former is a relatively new system that is in operational use since 2013, according to Luc Renouil, Vice President Defence-Security Strategy and Business Development, adding that the system can lay a 26m long bridge or two 14m long bridges over obstacles like dry gaps or trenches. In clear contrast, the PFM adapts to large water streams or lakes, with the system deployable as either a "continous floating bridge" or as a "self-propelled ferry". "It (PFM) enables vehicles up to (the) MLC 80 class (to) cross (over) wet gaps, said Renouil. Undet certain conditions the PFM is capable of supporting MLC 96 class vehicles. He suggested to MT that both systems have attracted the interest of international customers, claiming that the PFM had already been delivered to the land forces of Italy, Malaysia, and Switzerland. STN