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08 June 2016

VR Group's Continued Use of MetaVR Visuals for Czech and Slovakian Training

MetaVR today announced that the Academy of the Armed Forces of Milan Rastislav Stefanik in Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia, is using MetaVR VRSG in the new STING indoor shooting simulator. The small-arms shooting simulator was recently built and installed by VR Group, a leading Czech provider of comprehensive training solutions. VR Group recently purchased 28 VRSG licenses to use at the Academy in the STING, and in other VR Group's other simulators at the Academy which also use VRSG: the Reconfigurable Virtual Simulator (RVS) tactical training for ground vehicle crew, and the Team Leader Simulator (TLS) tactical training for a squad of first responders units (firefighters, paramedics, and police).

The STING system, designed for intensive shooting and tactics training of first responders (police officers and firefighters), enables up to six trainees to train at a time, firing six weapons (such as M4 rifles, Glock 17 pistols) simultaneously. A shot fired by a trainee is simulated by a laser beam and is followed by evaluation of the hit and its impact on the area as well as identification of the shooter.

VRSG is used with two projectors to visualize geotypical training databases built by VR Group. The system is part of simulation virtual environment that can be extended to include VR Group's other simulators at the Academy for tactical mission training.

VR Group has used MetaVR visuals in its military simulators for 16 years in their ground forces tactical simulators (and recently in their first responder simulation systems), most notably for the Czech Armed Forces at the Centre of Simulation and Training (CSTT) in Brno and Vyskov.
Although Bohemia Interactive Simulations is based in the Czech Republic, MetaVR continues to be the primary provider of visuals systems at the CSTT.