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11 July 2016

Boeing Delivers More CHINOOKs Early to ADF

Boeing Helicopters has delivered a further three CH-47F CHINOOK helicopters to the Australian Army, only 85 days after receiving the order. This brings the Army’s CH-47F fleet to 10, all of which were delivered early.

“The increase from seven to 10 CH-47F CHINOOKs represents a significant increase to the capability of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) through an aircraft which we already know is both highly dependable and reliable, and also affordable,” said Col. Jeremy King, director, Cargo Helicopter and Unmanned Surveillance Program Office, ADF. “This project has been a wonderful example of highly effective teamwork spanning multiple organizations, culminating in the successful delivery of the aircraft."

The latest three CHINOOKs were already in production for the US Army, which uses the same configuration as the ADF, including include a fully digital cockpit that improves the crew’s situational awareness and the Cargo Platform Health Environment system, which monitors the aircraft to identify maintenance needs and reduce overall life-cycle costs. This enabled Boeing to deliver additional capability to Australia early, having won US Army approval for the switch.

“Boeing has a track record of consistently delivering on our promises on CHINOOK,” said Steve Parker, H-47 program manager and Boeing vice president of Cargo Helicopters. “The multi-mission effectiveness, low operational cost and insertion of advanced technologies results in repeat customers, exactly what happened with this most recent delivery.”