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11 July 2016

FIA2016: Cubic Demonstrates Bandit Board for Enhanced Aggressor Air Combat Training

At the Farnborough International Airshow 2016, Cubic Global Defense (CGD), a business unit of Cubic Corporation, in Hall 2, Booth #C2 features how its Air Combat Maneuvering Instrumentation (ACMI) systems combines with other Cubic solutions to bridge the gap between today’s air combat training and next-generation Live, Virtual and Constructive (LVC) training.

Cubic continues to advance our air instrumentation systems to deliver effective and interoperable training to our customers as we work with our industry and military partners to achieve full-spectrum LVC training,” Dave Buss, President of Cubic Global Defense, said. “The air combat training solutions featured at Farnborough will showcase how Cubic is transforming the current traditional training methodologies to solve interoperability deficiencies between the F-35 and different generations of weapon systems.”

Cubic features the following air combat training solutions:

  • F-35 P5 Internal Subsystem: The next-generation Air Combat Training System (ACTS) for the JSF is the F-35 P5 Internal Subsystem (IS). Unlike previous wing-mounted ACTS pods, this secure and internal training solution allows the F-35 to retain low-observable characteristics while training on current and planned P5 ranges or in an un-tethered mode.
  • Cubic Miniature Encryptor (CME): Cubic’s CME is a multi-level encryptor developed to solve the information assurance and training interoperability deficiencies between fourth- and fifth-generation aircraft. The CME provides a low-cost, low-risk, form-fit addition to legacy P5 pods and training range ground stations.
  • Bandit Board: The Cubic Bandit Board is an integrated low-cost tactical training capability that transmits the live P5 Combat Training System (P5 CTS) display onto a kneeboard tablet of a pilot in an aggressor “Red Air” aircraft. With this innovative enhancement, “Red Air” now has a high-fidelity, real-time picture of all players in a combat training exercise, transforming a second- or third-generation aircraft into a formidable opponent.
  • P5 Combat Training System (CTS/TCTS): P5 CTS is the US Department of Defense and multiple international Air Forces’ aircraft instrumentation solution that relays Time, Space, and Positioning Information (TSPI) between participating aircraft and range systems while internally recording weapon events during training sorties. This ACTS enables real-time, live monitoring and recorded mission data of air-to-air, air-to-ground and surface-to-air training scenarios for post mission analysis.
  • Secure LVC Advanced Training Solutions: As the industry System Integrator for the Air Force Research Lab’s Secure LVC Advanced Training Environment (SLATE) Advanced Technology Demonstration (ATD), Cubic will support the development and demonstration of a new secure waveform with tactical aircraft and range ground stations as part of a LVC system for air combat training.