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11 July 2016

FIA2016: Elbit Systems' Broad Spectrum of Innovative Solutions

Elbit Systemsbooth #A-100, hall 1 focuses on advanced next-generation airborne solutions for pilot situational awareness and enhanced flight protection and safety. An array of cutting-edge solutions for aviation is showcased alongside avionic systems, advanced electronic warfare, electro-optics, and unmanned systems.,

A global provider of innovative, cutting-edge, battle-proven solutions for all sectors of the aerospace market, Elbit Systems builds on the foundations of its existing UK based companies, reflecting its commitment to offer and support a wide range of technologies and capabilities, through local UK industries in this important market. Shown at the show are:

  • SPECTRO-XR ultra-long range, day/night, multi-spectral electro-optical ISTAR system, the latest and most advanced electro-optic payload developed by Elbit Systems for Intelligence, Surveillance, Targeting, Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) missions. 
  • LIGHT SPEAR self-protection and jamming system for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).
  • COMINT Payloads for UAS that offer operational and battle-proven UAS-specific Communications Intelligence/Direction Finding (COMINT/DF) systems, designed as modular building blocks, capable of handling various types of communications systems and able to fit any UAS. The systems utilise wideband multi-purpose receivers and meet the requirements of any Electronic Warfare/Signal Intelligence (EW/SIGINT) payload, offering tactical intelligence reception in real time over wide rural and urban areas, and enabling digital audio-recording. 
  • Data Links that include advanced wireless communications systems for manned and unmanned aircraft, guided weapons and space platforms - as well as unique SAR (Search and Rescue) systems for combat and non-combat applications. 
  • Family of Intelligence and EW Systems for Cellular Communications that can effectively scan areas of interest; monitor, locate, and identify potential threats; construct cellular target maps; intercept target devices and selectively jam and manipulate cellular communications. These systems are designed for Special Forces in military, law enforcement and intelligence units. 
  • iSNS Immune Satellite Navigation System is a highly effective Global Positioning System Electronic Counter-Countermeasures (GPS ECCM) system that enables reliable, non-stop GPS operation, provides full jamming immunity for multiple satellite channels and handles multiple interfering signals and/or jammers operating on concurrent frequencies.