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11 July 2016

FIA2016: Esterline CMC Electronics Announces Several Contracts

Esterline CMC Electronics (CMC) has been awarded a contract by Pilatus Aircraft Ltd to supply its advanced cockpit avionics for the Royal Australian Air Force fleet of forty-nine PC-21 turboprop trainer aircraft. Esterline CMC will supply the Cockpit Displays, dual Flight Management Systems (FMS) and GPS Global Positioning System (GPS) Landing System Sensors as well as the Head-Up Display (HUD) sub-system.

The six 6"x 8" active-matrix LCD Displays consist of four Cockpit Head-Down Displays (CHDD-268) and two smart Multi-Function Displays (MFD-2068) that are in both the front and rear cockpit, function as primary flight and navigation displays, and have superior optical performance. The displays feature the ARINC-653-compliant, open and modular MOSArt software suite which provides Pilatus and its customers with the freedom to integrate their own applications or Human Machine Interface (HMI) definitions on the CMC platform.

The HUD sub-system includes the CMC SparrowHawk HUD with a set of front and rear cockpit Up Front Control Panels and HUD Camera, a HUD Symbol Generator, and a Video Display Unit for the rear seat instructor. The SparrowHawk HUD is a compact unit that can display both raster video and stroke symbology.  The HUD symbol generator features the latest Compact PCI/PMC architecture and a powerful PC Processor.


Esterline CMC has been selected by Patria, Finland, to perform a glass cockpit avionics upgrade of a further seven BAE Systems Hawk trainers for the Finnish Air Force. The existing upgraded fleet of Hawk Mk51 and Mk66 aircraft provides basic and advanced training at Tikkakoski Air Base for pilots destined for the F/A-18C and F/A-18D equipped front-line squadrons. This new contract covers the adaptation of Esterline CMC's Cockpit 4000 integrated avionics suite for an additional seven Hawk Mk51 trainer aircraft currently held in reserve in their original analogue state. The upgrade aims to further increase the quality of flight training, by improving the Hawk jet trainers' training efficiency and extending the training that is currently carried out on Hawk aircraft. Upon completion of this new contract being announced today, the Finnish Air Force will have a fleet of 31 upgraded Hawks, consisting of 16 Mk66 and 15 Mk51 advanced trainers.


Esterline CMC is celebrating an important milestone with the recent delivery of its 3500th high gain Satellite Communications (SATCOM) Antenna System.  The milestone unit has been received by Saudi Arabian Airlines (SVA) for installation on one of its B777 aircraft.  This continues Saudi Arabian Airlines' legacy as one of the world's leading operators of this family of SATCOM antenna equipment.


Esterline CMC's CMA-9000 Flight Management System (FMS) and CMA-5024 GPS Landing System have been selected by the French Direction générale de l'armement (DGA) and by Airbus Helicopters, to upgrade the Sécurité Civile fleet of EC145 helicopters. The 35 helicopters that will be upgraded are deployed on Sécurité Civile bases in France and the French Overseas Territories and are used for search and rescue, emergency medical services (EMS), surveillance and law enforcement. This retrofit programme will improve the operational mission performance of the EC145 helicopters in all weather conditions and enable compliance with the newest civil airspace regulations for performance based navigation (PBN), ADS-B and SBAS-enabled LPV approaches.