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14 July 2016

FIA2016: GDUK Delivers LINK 16 for Export AW159

General Dynamics Mission Systems–UK has worked closely with Leonardo Helicopters (previously known as AgustaWestland) to develop and integrate a LINK 16 datalink system for the first export variant of the AW159 Wildcat helicopter.

The advanced LINK 16 datalink system is one of the most advanced for a rotary platform, providing a full Command and Control surveillance solution.

In 2015, the LINK 16 system for the export variant of the AW159 helicopter successfully completed the Standard Conformance Test, which is a detailed, independent review of the datalink system conducted by a US military organisation, the Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC).  This will allow the LINK 16 datalink equipped AW159 to join an open live network.

In recent months, the export variant of the AW159 helicopter has flown with an operational LINK 16 datalink system, and it has provided valuable feedback to the teams delivering the datalink system in terms of navigational accuracy and network stability.