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11 July 2016

FIA2016: Gentex Features Advanced Life Support Tester for F-35 Oxygen Mask

Gentex Corporation demonstrate their lines of Gentex, ALPHA, and Aegisound products for air applications in Hall 1, booth #B138. Featured among them will be their latest innovations, the Gentex Advanced Life Support Integrated Tester (LSIT), the improved ALPHA 900 Search and Rescue (SAR) Cross-Platform Helmet System, and their extended line of hearing protection and communication products.

Gentex Advanced Life Support Integrated Tester

Gentex ALPHA 900 Search and Rescue Cross-Platform Helmet System

A part of the company’s extensive product portfolio for the F-35 programme, the Gentex Advanced Life Support Integrated Tester is an advanced, self-contained, portable test set designed to provide pilots and life support technicians the ability to conduct preflight and maintenance activities on the JSF Oxygen Mask. The test set is compatible with Gentex’s full suite of oxygen masks, and is a more portable tester option for aircrew and technicians. Gentex is also developing the helmet system platform, the hearing protection and communications devices, and Chem/Bio Respirator for the JSF F-35 programme. "We are excited to showcase our expanded product lines of innovative solutions for aircrew personnel and maintainers, as well as our contributions to the highly regarded JSF F-35 programme,Robert McCay, vice president, Aircrew Systems, Gentex Corporation, said. “Leveraging our JSF F-35 technology and comprehensive aircrew product portfolio, we are able to continuously deliver the industry leading protection Gentex has provided for over 100 years.

Gentex also features their ALPHA 900 Search and Rescue (SAR) Cross-Platform Helmet System at Farnborough this year. A water resistant helmet, optimized for air-to-sea SAR operations, the ALPHA 900 SAR Cross-Platform Helmet System is compatible with all major aircraft ICS systems and portable radios. In conjunction with Bristows Helicopters, who provide SAR efforts for the UK and Australia, the ALPHA 900 SAR Cross-Platform Helmet System will be utilised for missions within the SAR and Helicopter Emergency Medical Services community.

Further expanding the company’s comprehensive product line at Farnborough, is its newly acquired line of hearing and communications products. The recent acquisition of Aegisound, an established provider of products that significantly improve hearing protection, safety and communications in high noise environments, broadens Gentex’s hearing and communications product offering to global defence and industrial personnel, as well as the JSF programme portfolio.