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13 July 2016

FIA2016: Kongsberg & Raytheon Detail JSM/NSM Future

Kongsberg Defence Systems and Raytheon announced at FIA2016 that are finalising plans to assemble, integrate and test the Naval Strike Missile (NSM) in the US. The two companies also plan to produce NSM launchers in the US.

Raytheon expects to perform final assembly, integration and test of NSM at the company’s Tucson, AZ/USA facility, while the launchers would be manufactured at Raytheon’s factory in Louisville, KN.

Both companies believe NSM is an ideal solution for navies around the globe and the "best over-the-horizon missile for the US Navy’s Littoral Combat Ship," according to them. Wven though there is no RfP yet, Raytheon believes the Surface-to-Surface missile programme for the LCS will include a canister launch. Furthermore, it was stated during FIA2016, that they see the need for the NSM internationally with navies replacing their legacy systems, e.g. Australia.

The companies are also teamed on the development of the Joint Strike Missile (JSM), which they are touting to all F-35 customers.

Designed as a smart weapon, moving the brains into the missile, according to Kongsberg, the JSM, just like the NSM, are fully funded by Norway. This means there will be two production lines, one in Norway, one in the US, as Kongsberg expects large production numbers.