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12 July 2016

FIA2016: L-3 WESCAM MX-15D Selected for GA-ASI PREDATOR XP

L-3  Communications announced  today that  its  WESCAM  division  has  received  multiple orders  from  General  Atomics  Aeronautical Systems,  Inc.  (GA-ASI)  for  its  MX-15D  electro-optical  and  infrared  (EO/IR)  designator  systems for  an  international  military  customer.

L-3’s  equipment  will  support  medium-altitude  covert intelligence,  surveillance and reconnaissance  (ISR)  missions  carried  out  by  GA-ASI’s  PREDATOR XP remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) system.

L-3’s  imaging  systems  range  in size  from  8-25in  in diameter  and provide  highresolution,  stabilised  full-motion  intelligence  in  support  of  low-level  tactical  to  high-altitude,  ultra long-range persistent  missions. 

L-3’s  MX-8,  MX-10  and MX-25  surveillance systems  are on display  and available for  demonstration next to the L-3 Chalet – A15.

Deliveries  to  GA-ASI  in  California began  earlier  this  year.  Once  fielded,  the  systems  will  be maintained by one of L-3 WESCAM’s 14 authorised service centres.

Our  MX  line  represents  state-of-the-art  technology  for  military  and security  projects,  and  we are focused  on  expanding  this  business  area.  L-3  has  the  global  reach  and  technical  know-how  to respond  quickly  with innovative solutions that  meet  specific  customer  requirements,”  said Steve Kantor, president of L-3’s Electronic Systems business segment.

We  take  great  pride  in providing  GA-ASI  and  its  customers  with an  EO/IR  system  designed with a suite of  high-sensitivity,  proven  technologies,”  added  Paul  Jennison,  vice president  of government  sales and  business  development  for  L-3  WESCAM.  “Configured  with high-definition IR  and precise laser  designation  capabilities,  these  systems  are  fully  equipped with the  essential tools required to meet dynamic mission requirements.”