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12 July 2016

FIA2016: Leonardo-Finmeccanica to provide Mode  5 IFF solution for Japan MoD Radar Programme

Leonardo-Finmeccanica  will  provide  its  latest  Identification  Friend  or Foe  (IFF)  technology  for  the  Japan  Ground  Self  Defense  Force  (JGSDF).  The  deal,  signed  with  a Japanese prime contractor, will see Leonardo supplying its SIT-422/5J interrogator to the JGSDF. 

Japan’s radars  will  be  used  to  monitor  the  skies  for  aircraft  and  will  use  Leonardo’s  SIT-422/5J  to  send  out the  ‘interrogation’  signal  to  see  if  the  targets  are  affiliated  forces  or  possible  foes. 

The  company  will  partner  with  a  prime  contractor  in  Japan  to  deliver  the  technology  and  will  provide the necessary support to enable in-country service-level maintenance of the equipment.