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12 July 2016

FIA2016: MRSAM Air and Missile Defence System Successfully Tested

On 7 July, it was announced that the air and missile defence system MRSAM, jointly developed by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and India's DRDO, was successfully tested in the last few days from Indian Test Range.

MRSAM is an advanced path breaking air and missile defence system that provides protection against a variety of aerial platforms. It is used by the Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, and Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) in its naval version. The system includes an Advanced Phased Array Radar, Command and Control (C2), Mobile Launchers and Missiles with advanced RF Seekers.

IAI in collaboration with IAI ELTA and Rafael worked with TATA, BEL, L&T, BDL, and other private Indian vendors.

The current tests validated all components of the weapon system to the satisfaction of the customer in the Indian Test Range. Israeli specialists and Indian scientists participated in the test, along with Indian Armed Forces officers and witness the same. Three flight tests were conducted, each one simulating a different extreme reference scenario validating various system capabilities. In each scenario the MRSAM missiles were fired from a land based mobile launcher and successfully hit a target simulating enemy threats. The scenarios began with launching each target and after being detected by the systems radar, launched the MRSAM missile into its operational trajectory that acquired the target, and successfully intercepted it. All the weapon system’s elements met the test goals successfully.

"MRSAM Air & Missile Defense System is a cutting edge, innovative system, that once again has  proven  its advanced capabilities against a variety of threats," Joseph Weiss, IAI’s President and CEO, said. "The joint development and the extensive cooperation between the industries in both countries, is a testimonial to the strong partnership between the two nations. IAI is proud to lead this impressive cooperation and is highly obligated to its continuing success."