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12 July 2016

FIA2016: Rafael Showcases Innovation

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems is presenting the following systems at chalet C22:

  • LITENING 5 combat-proven multi-spectral airborne targeting pod for targeting and designation of targets by day and night; 
  • TOPLITE electro-optical (EO) surveillance, observation and targeting system; 
  • RECCELITE XR new generation, day/night EO tactical reconnaissance pod for real-time imagery collection and data transfer; 
  • Rafael's portfolio of air defence and air superiority systems including IRON DOME, DAVID's SLING, DRONE DOME, PYTHON-5, i-DERBY ER, and MIC4AD (advanced, unified, integrated air defence command and control [C2] system); and
  • SPIKE NLOS tactical, precise EO missiles for ranges of 30km, part of the wider SPIKE missile family.

TOPLITE EO system.

Rafael, in partnership with Raytheon, has developed DAVID's SLING, an affordable and lethal solution against long-range artillery rockets (LRAR), short-range ballistic missiles (SRBM), cruise missiles (CM), and traditional air defence threats. DAVID's SLING is designed to provide an additional layer of defence against ballistic missiles by adding more interception opportunities to the joint US-Israel ARROW Weapon System, resulting in an improvement in the State of Israel’s defence capabilities against missile threats.

The DAVID's SLING Weapon System is composed of a Battle Management & Command Array, as well as an Interceptor Array. The Multi-Mission Radar is used for the detection and tracking of threats. The Weapon Control System (WCS) is a battle management and weapon control system that enables real-time mission planning against a large number of simultaneous threats.  The WCS is also the system's interface to senior command levels, air control units, as well as to other sensors and defence systems. The interception array is composed of four Missile Firing Units – each one carrying 12 STUNNER interceptors.

STUNNER is an advanced innovative interceptor that provides a low-cost solution against a large variety of threats. The STUNNER’s seeker detects and tracks the most challenging targets in all weather conditions and maintains precision aim-point selection at end-game. The STUNNER’s lethal hit-to-kill effects ensure a wide margin of tactical overmatch against a broad spectrum of air and missile defence threats.

DAVID's SLING modular architecture enables integration with a variety of defence systems, providing an expanded defence envelope. In November 2012, the Israel Missile Defense Organization and the US Missile Defense Agency completed the first phase of the development of the DAVID's SLING Weapon System, by conducting a successful interception test. In November 2013, a second full-system was conducted successfully, testing the system's Radar, its Battle Management Center and lastly, the launcher and interceptor. The test was declared a success. In March 2015, the system underwent its third full system test, successfully defeating a typical threat. In December 2015, DAVID's SLING underwent its fourth successful full system test and delivery to the Air force has begun for operational deployment.

Another system on show is MIC4AD (Modular, Integrated C4I Air & Missile Defence), an advanced, unified, integrated C4I system that commands and controls the operation of both air and missile defence, including air-superiority missions. MIC4AD provides a total solution for multi-system, multi-layer and multi-range air and missile defence, traditionally operated as separate commands.

MIC4AD correlates real-time data from distributed sensors/platforms (radars, IFF system, data links, EO), all connected to the air traffic control picture and mission planning system. The data is analysed to deliver a real-time, coherent national Air Situation Picture (ASP).  Simultaneously, MIC4AD performs threat assessment and hostile target classification, generating an interception plan for threats at any command level (national, regional, tactical). MIC4AD optimises resource management and swiftly allocates the most appropriate defence system, such as SPYDER, DAVID's SLING, IRON DOME, or other customer systems to the type of challenge. Response includes target allocation to weapon systems (TAWA - Threat Assessment Weapon Allocation) with full, semi-automatic or manual fire control according to customer doctrine.

MIC4AD open, modular architecture can be adapted to customer operational needs. The system can be integrated with a customer’s existing or future air and missile defense n. This flexibility allows incorporating new technologies and systems with the existing arrangement. MIC4AD can serve as an add-on to the customer’s current C4I setup, or replace existing systems entirely. Highly automated, easy-to-use and with advanced interactive displays, MIC4AD is a true force-multiplier. Enabling unified command and fire control of multiple air and missile defense systems, MIC4AD delivers multi-mission, multi-layer and multi-range C4I capabilities that ensure end-to-end air and missile protection.

The PYTHON-5 is a fifth generation air-to-air missile that provides the pilot engaging an enemy aircraft with a full sphere launch capability. The missile can be launched from very short to beyond-visual ranges with greater kill probability, excellent resistance to countermeasures, irrespective of evasive target manoeuvres or deployment of countermeasures. PYTHON-5 combines advanced new technologies with operationally proven PYTHON-4 components. The missile incorporates a new dual waveband imaging seeker, advanced computer architecture, Inertial Navigation System (INS), sophisticated infra-red countermeasures (IRCCM) and sophisticated flight control algorithms. PYTHON-5 maintains PYTHON-4’s aerodynamic airframe, INS, powerful rocket motor, warhead and proximity fuze. PYTHON-5 provides revolutionary full sphere competence, achieved by a combination of Lock-On-After-Launch (LOAL) and excellent acquisition and tracking capabilities. Its dual waveband Fcoal Plane Array (FPA) seeker and sophisticated algorithms enable acquisition of even small, low signature targets in Look-Down, adverse background and cloudy environments.