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11 July 2016

FIA2016: Thales & Elettronica Strengthen cooperation in Electronic Warfare

Thales  and  Elettronica  have  signed  a  Memorandum  of Understanding  (MoU) to  strengthen  their industrial  and  commercial  operations  and  relations  in  the  aerospace and  defence business. The aim  of the  agreement is  to  explore  joint initiatives  and  pursue  growth  business  opportunities  in the  Electronic  Warfare  (EW) segment.

"This  MoU  extends  the area  of  our  long-standing  business  relationship and both companies  believe that it  represents  a fundamental  step  for  growth  in  Europe and the  International  Market," said  Enzo  Benigni, Chairman  and  CEO  of  Elettronica

The  signature  of  this  MoU  strengthens  cooperation  between Thales  and  Elettronica which relies  on successful  partnerships  in the  last  decades  such  as  the French  and Italian  naval  programmes  Horizon, Fremm and the French Fighter  Mirage 2000.  This  cooperation  has  allowed the French and Italian defense industry  to  excel  in  innovation,”  said  Patrice  Caine,  Chairman  and CEO  of  Thales.