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16 August 2016

Cubic to Supply BRADLEY COFT Subsystems

Oasis Advanced Engineering, as prime contractor to the US Army PEO-STRI for the BRADLEY Fighting Vehicle Conduct of Fire Trainer (COFT), has awarded a U$13.9 million contract to Cubic Global Defense (CGD) for manufacture and production of COFT crewstation subsystems.

The inside of a BRADLEY COFT located at_ the Grafenwoehr Training_Area in Germany. (Photo: Cubic)

Under a base contract worth $4.18 million, Cubic is to deliver four institutional and nine mobile subsystems: An option award calls for a further 21 mobile and ten institutional systems to be delivered, with effective deployment taking place between April 2017 and March 2018.
The COFT’s synthetic environment replicates both the BRADLEY M2/A2 Operation Desert Storm-Situational Awareness (ODS-SA) and M2/A3 ODS configurations, providing gunners and commanders with critical direct fire gunnery skills.

The BRADLEY trainers are part of an ongoing effort by the US Army to improve training and reduce friendly fire causalities by focusing on simulated combat scenarios and mission readiness,” said Dave Buss, president of CGD.