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30 August 2016

Czech Training Focuses on Reserve Units

The Czech Republic abolished conscription a decade ago, but moves now being made are focused on training civilians as reserves in order to bolster the nation’s armed forces as they face a welter of missions and seek to enhance their contribution to international and coalition activities.

Currently, the military consists of some 20,000 soldiers, including 2,000 active reserves. The intention now is to train reservists to bring that total number closer to 30,000 by 2025, according to reports circulating in Prague in late August. Exercises due to commence in October this year will focus on rehearsing and refining the administrative procedures and logistics associated with calling up reserves and training new candidates – 750 young Czechs have already volunteered for the fall exercises and the General Staff believes that by next year it will be training 5,000 new troops per annum.

The authorities believe that by spreading the load across a broader population of reservists and professional soldiers, it will be easier for the nation to maintain – perhaps even increase – its commitment to multinational operations. There are already Czech troops in Afghanistan, Mali, Iraq and Sinai: earlier this year the Czech government earmarked 900 troops for the EU Battlegorup to be fronted by the Visegrad Four nations (Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland) and a further 250 for the German-led battlegroup.