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10 August 2016

DUAL MODE PLUS Meets Flight Test Objectives

Two Lockheed Martin DUAL MODE PLUS guidance kits for laser guided bombs (LGB) were recently dropped from an F/A-18 Super HORNET at the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division in China Lake, CA/USA, successfully meeting all mission objectives, according to a company statement on 8 August.

The kits were attached to two inert Mk.82 500 pound warheads and, “impacted fixed targets well within operational performance parameters,” according to the statement. Demonstrated in the flighte tests were the systems’ new linear optics, GPS/Intertial Navigation Systems (GPS/INS) guidance subsystem and the control actuation system.

DUAL MODE PLUS promises to improve mission effectiveness against fixed, reloatable and moving targets by providing precision strike functionality in all weather conditions at extended stand-off ranges while maintaining commonality with the existing PAVEWAY II LGB and launch aircraft.

Joe Serra, Precision Guided Systems Director at Lockheed Martin Missiles & Fire Control, said DUAL MODE PLUS, “benefits from the reliability and affordability of the PAVEWAY II Plus LGB system while integrating a GPS/INS, all-weather moving target capability, [and] offers a precise and affordable direct attack weapon system to the US and its allies.”

Image courtesy Lockheed Martin