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31 August 2016

L-3 to Supply eight WESCAM MX-10Ds for Middle Eastern BLACK HAWKs

Under a US Foreign Military Sales (FMS) contract, L-3 Communications’ Integrated Sensor Systems (ISS) sector within its Electronic Systems segment has been selected to provide eight WESCAM MX-10D electro-optical and infrared (EO/IR) designating turrets to a Middle Eastern nation’s Ministry of Defence (MoD).

L-3’s imaging systems range in size 8-25in in diameter and provide high-resolution, stabilised full-motion intelligence in support of low-level tactical to high-altitude, ultra long-range persistent missions. With fully active four-axis MX-Series stabilisation, the MX-10D is configured with a series of high-sensitivity, multi-spectral sensors that enable precision engagement from tactical ranges during daylight, low-light and night-time missions. The sensors include a four field-of-view thermal imager, a high-definition daylight continuous zoom TV and a low-light continuous zoom TV, as well as advanced laser designator, rangefinder and illuminator technologies. (Photo: L-3 WESCAM) (Photo: L-3 WESCAM)

The customer will use L-3’s MX-10Ds in support of counterterrorism operations from its newly acquired UH-60 BLACK HAWK helicopters. Turret deliveries to Sikorsky, the integrator for the programme, began in June 2016 and will continue through February 2017.

This is a key win in an important and emerging international market,” Steve Kantor, President of L-3’s Electronic Systems business segment, told MT. “L-3 WESCAM has a well-established record of providing innovative technologies that give our customers the distinct advantage needed for their security operations.”

We are proud to provide our end user with a powerful and affordable designating solution that will work in conjunction with legacy systems to deliver a unique and essential integrated EO/IR system,” Paul Jennison, Vice President of Government Sales and Business Development for L-3 WESCAM, a unit of L-3’s ISS sector, added.