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16 August 2016

Netherlands and Luxembourg buy Tanker Aircraft

The Netherlands will purchase two Airbus MRTT A330 tanker/transport aircraft with Luxembourg. The aircraft will be NATO property and will be stationed at Eindhoven AFB for pooling and sharing. Belgium, Germany, Norway, and Poland intend to join the agreement at a later date.

In addition to refuelling aircraft (seen) and strategic transports, MRTT aircraft can also be used for carrying out MEDEVAC. (Photo: Airbus)

The number of A330 MRTT aircraft to be purchased could eventually rise to eight, once the other countries will join. The two participating countries are examining the possibility of collaboration with France and the UK, among others, in relation to training and instruction as well as maintenance. France is set to receive its first A330 aircraft in 2018; the UK already has A330 MRTTs in service.
The two aircraft will be delivered from 2020. In the same year, the Royal Netherlands Air Force will start to gradually decommission its two KDC-10 aircraft. This will ensure that tanker/transport capability will remain available to the Netherlands Defence organisation.