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16 August 2016

RADA’s Radar Systems are Deployed and Operational Along Israel’s Southern Border

RADA Electronic Industries has deployed its radar systems along Israel’s border with the Gaza strip. The systems are operational and connected to the National Alert System, providing life-saving warnings about short range threats – including mortar shells, rockets and other aerial threats – to communities adjacent to Israel’s southern border.

According to Zvi Alon, RADA's CEO: “After the Protective Edge operation (July, 2014), we began deployment of our systems along the Gaza strip. The radars are operating 24/7 and providing continuous surveillance. The success of these systems has generated international interest in their capabilities, and they are under evaluation by a number of customers around the world for use in a variety of missions, including C-UAS, C-RAM, air surveillance, and more.”

The MHR radar is an S Band, Software-Defined, Pulse-Doppler, AESA, GaN based radar – which delivers sophisticated beam forming capabilities and advanced signal processing. It provides multiple missions on each radar platform and can combine C-UAS and C-RAM operational missions on the same radar, thus delivering ideal organic, tactical surveillance solutions for force protection missions. (Photo: RADA)