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30 August 2016

South Africa Simulates the Big Jump….

At Bloemfontein, 44 Parachute Regiment of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) is about to start using a parachute simulator that will bring the first real change in training paratroops for almost half a century. Acceptance trials began earlier this month and are due for completion by month end, at which point the system will be declared ‘ready for training.’

Developed by e.sigma Systems, the SOKOL NEXT GENERATION (SOKOL NG) simulator was supplied and engineered in collaboration with South African enterprises Lelebotse Projects and UNISIM. Combining 3D virtual reality with a force feedback system and a dynamic environment, the SOKOL NG system allows trainees to experience potential problems and rehearse emergency procedures in a safe and repeatable manner. Training and rehearsal of emergency techniques is a perennial problem for airborne and airlanding troops: the new simulator provides South Africa with a state-of-the-art system that will significantly enhance training and readiness, according to sources close to the SANDF.

Battlefield scenarios can be simulated with the use of smoke, flares and other battlefield pyrotechnics and several simulators can be networked if required to provide for team and unit training in a wide variety of weather and visibility conditions. Crucially, the comprehensive exercise control and instructor facilities allow for the essential after action reviews to take place quickly, thus contributing to more persistent training lessons.