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29 September 2016

BAE Systems to Upgrade Four More US Navy Guns

BAE Systems has received a US$50 million contract to upgrade four further Mk 45 NAVAL GUNS on US Navy DDG51-class destroyers to the fully digital Mod 4 configuration, bringing the total number to 10. The award, exercising an option under the original 2015 contract, brings the total value to $130 million.

(Photo: BAE Systems)

The mechanically strengthened gun mount of the Mod 4 enables the weapon to achieve 50% higher firing energy. Coupled with the new digital control system, the upgraded gun can now fire precision guided weapons such as the HYPER VELOCITY PROJECTILE and STANDARD GUIDED PROJECTILE at unprecedented ranges, exploiting seamless integration of targeting and fire control data, including GPS, using an interface similar to that of a smartphone.

The proliferation of high-volume, low-cost threats is driving the need for multi-mission, cost-effective precision fire from naval guns like the Mk 45,” Joseph Senftle, vice president and general manager of Weapon Systems at BAE Systems, said.

Delivery of the first upgraded gun is scheduled for late 2017, with contract completion due by 2020. The Mk 45 is in service with 11 navies, including the USN. Over 260 weapons have been delivered in the last 40 years.