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21 September 2016

Digital LEOPARD 2A4 Turret at DVD 2016

At DVD 2016, RUAG Defence shocased what the company calls the world’s first 100% digital LEOPARD 2A4 MBT, made possible by a specially developed Mid-Life Upgrade (MLU), catering flexibly to individual customer needs. Reconnaissance and command systems are inextricably linked, and operations can only be carried out successfully and according to plan if mission-relevant information is communicated correctly. The latest MLU for the LEOPARD 2A4 MBT represents another pioneering milestone reached by RUAG Defence, according to the company. Via this development, the company calls itself, “the only provider on the entire market able to offer a fully digitised model.”

Thanks to open interfaces, it is now possible to send and receive uninterrupted voice, image and data transmissions at all times and under the most adverse conditions. One aspect of the tank that has benefitted in particular from the upgrade is the fire control system, which was completely redeveloped by RUAG Defence and is now – thanks to universal interfaces – able to be easily combined with individual additional systems, such as a Battle Management System (BMS) or a munitions programme. The cutting-edge fire control system likewise supports all types of munitions and is thus very flexible. Obsolescence, which has been occurring on an increasingly frequent basis, has also been eliminated with this single upgrade.

RUAG Defence’s LEOPARD 2A4 digital turret.

RUAG Defence’s LEOPARD 2A4 digital turret.