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19 September 2016

FUTURE FORCES FORUM to Host Record Number of Stakeholders in Defence and Security Sector

FUTURE FORCES FORUM (19-21 October 2016, Prague, Czech Republic) is a highly recognised and widely endorsed international platform for defence and security information exchange and for promotion of the allied countries and their partners’ objectives within ensuring the national and global security. The project consists of a compilation of events and activities at a high political, military and expert level.

All events are primarily focused on presentations of current and future needs of the armed and security forces, on showcase of the state-of-the-art technologies and R&D programmes with interactions between all involved participants due to the interconnected topics.

The outstanding FFF events involve more than 240 speakers from over 28 countries and 12 international organisations.

LIST OF EVENTS organised within the FFF at PVA EXPO PRAHA on 19 - 21 Oct 2016:

  • Future Forces Exhibition
  • Military Advanced Robotic Systems Conference 
  • World CBRN & Medical Congress 
  • CBRN Workshop 
  • Medical Workshop 
  • Future Soldier Systems Conference 
  • Geospatial, Hydrometeorological & GNSS Workshop 
  • Logistics Capability Workshop 
  • Future of Cyber Conference – CYBER TRENDS
  • Future of Cyber Workshops – CYBER TRENDS
  • Multinational Training Centre for Jet Pilots - Round Table

Concurrently with the FORUM, 20+ official NATO expert working groups’ sessions will take place in Prague and at PVA EXPO in the week of 17 - 21 Oct. Participating members are actively involved in the expert events and in the exhibition.

Expert events registration deadline 30 September 2016
Future Forces Exhibition – free online registration deadline 10 October 2016

Members of government, military, police, EMS, academia and students have a FREE entrance to the exhibition and expert events (except Future of Cyber Conference). Register online now!

Submit your application form or enquiry at info@future-forces-forum.org.