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23 September 2016

Indian Lightweight Body Armour for Philippine Army?

So far this year, in two separate incidents, at least 33 Philippine soldiers have been killed and more than 60 wounded in firefights with militant groups. The government has been making strenuous efforts for over a decade to acquire some 50,000 sets of body armour for its 115,000 soldiers but, in common with their counterparts in many nations, the troops tend to discard heavy, burdensome armour in favour of ammunition, water and food. The price they sometimes pay is their lives.

MKU Limited, headquartered in Kanpur, India, has developed the 6th GENERATION ARMOR SOLUTION – PERSONALPROTECTION lightweight body armour kit, based on the twin technologies AMMOFLEX 6 and POLYSHIELD 6. Up to 40% lighter, 30% thinner and 50% more flexible than traditional solutions, the armour meets all relevant international standards (MKU is a registered NATO supplier) and provides the user with enhanced agility, manoeuvrability, endurance and speed. The benefits stemming from the thin, flexible AMMOFLEX 6 soft armour and the energy absorption and dissolution of the POLYSHIEL 6 hard armour – even in multiple impact situations – make a compelling case for replacement of more traditional solutions.

Citing the statistics of recent Philippine experience Neeraj Gupta, MKU’s Managing Director, said, “an easier, leaner and more flexible armour would bring a lot of relief and save some precious lives. This is where the military and the security forces can use our expertise.”

Easing the weight burden on the soldier and enhancing his endurance and comfort levels in some of the most challenging operational environments on Earth can only be beneficial to the effectiveness of the Philippine Army – and others.