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07 September 2016

Land Forces 2016: DRS Technologies Demonstrates Battlefield Awareness Technology

Located at stand #2K4 at the Land Forces 2016 Exhibition, DRS Technologies, a Leonardo company, is exhibiting technologies with a focus on C4ISR, promoting their systems for enhancing battlefield vision and situational awareness.

The DRS team is promoting the Mounted Family of Computer Systems (MFoCS) – the next generation FBCB2 and Blue Force tracking systems.  MFoCS operates using a Data Distribution Unit – Expandable (DDUx), a rugged computer system that incorporates Intel’s quad-core i7 processing technology and two removable 2.5” SSD’s to provide faster and more efficient battle management. The DDUx is capable of streaming up to four separate video feeds on a single screen via an RS-170 port input.

DRS was also showcasing the array of visual displays that can be used to host the DDUx, ranging from the 17” MRD170 Rugged Display down to the 10.4” MRT104 Rugged Tablet. The latter display was notable for its dismountable functionality – while attached to a 25ft (7.6m) tether, the display is able to be removed from a vehicular interior and moved freely, for ease of access by multiple individuals.

In the US, DRS has supplied MFoCS to the Army, Navy and Marine Corps since 2013 as part of a $455 million contract, providing thousands of systems to various units.

Australia is looking at incorporating this technology into the ADF, to replace the current EV4 and JV5 systems. According to DRS, two separate DDUx systems can be mounted in the same space that a single JV5 occupies, while capable of managing six to seven times the number of tasks. The JV5 is also hard-mounted, meaning that the dismountability of MFoCS display systems would be a welcomed upgrade.

"MFoCS is the next generation of joint coalition battle management systems and we are proud to offer this system to the Australian Land Forces in support of their modernisation efforts," Jerry Hathaway, VP/GM, DRS Technologies, said. "Our system is currently being fielded by the US Army replacing legacy single purpose boxes with multi-purpose systems configurable to meet the needs of the user today and expandable to meet the needs of the future."
Timothy Dempsey