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26 September 2016

MDM16: Rafael Unveils IMPACK HE Demolition Charge

At Modern Day Marine, starting tomorrow, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems is featuring its portfolio of advanced land systems for force survivability, maneuverability and lethality. The company is unveiling IMPACK, a revolutionary high explosive, insensitive demolition charge designed as a safe solution for explosive handling, to be used by combat engineers, infantry troops and bomb squad units in demolition operations.

IMPACK has a high level of safety in storage, transportation, handling and use, to minimise potential proximate and collateral damage. It meets IM - STANAG 4439 requirements for Insensitive Munitions (IM) and can withstand a direct large shape-charge impact. IMPACK will not detonate in safe mode. Arming is on the spot and takes only a few seconds. 

In addition, Rafael is presenting the following systems:
TROPHY HV, LV - one of the world's only combat-proven Active Protection Systems for heavy and light armored vehicles.

SPIKE FAMILY - Spike MR, ER, NLOS – Part of the wider Spike Family, Spike MR, ER and Spike NLOS are airborne, precise, multi-purpose tactical missiles, for ranges of 4-30km. PLUSSPIKE-SR (Short Range, 1500m) - Man portable, Multi-purpose Electro-  optical Guided Missile System. Spike-SR is especially designed for the infantry combatant. Spike-SR can be operated under all-weather conditions, on all terrain types, including populated urban areas and densely forested areas. It is adaptable to various levels of conflict in various environments.

DOOR BREACHING 40mm Bullet - A new generation of light, easy to use system, with the benefit of being fired from an M203 rifle launcher. It has a patented feature that makes it effective against light and heavy doors without the need of incorporating it with a long standoff probe.

MOBILE SPIKE NLOS LAUNCHER for special forces, suitable for small, quick platforms, carrying up to 4 missiles.

RAMBOT – A man-portable lightweight mini Remote-Controlled Attack Robot which easily locates targets inside buildings and beyond line-of-sight in urban areas.

ARMOR SHIELD – Passive and reactive protection, designed to protect combat vehicles from a broad range of threats such as small and medium kinetic energy (KE) armor piercing (AP) projectiles, high energy anti-tank Shaped Charges (SC), and more.

FIRE FLY - Loitering sensor for the lowest tactical echelon for typical ranges of 500m in urban terrain and up to 1,000m in open terrain.

IRON DOME - Combat-Proven active defence system against Short Range Artillery Rockets, with more than 1,500 combat interceptions.

LITENING - Attack and navigation pod, a multi-spectral airborne targeting and navigation pod.  Designed for navigation and target illumination, LITENING significantly enhances day and night attack capabilities.