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06 September 2016

MSPO 2016: Elbit Systems Presents Innovative Capabilities and Solutions

Elbit Systems enhances its cooperation with Polish defenve companies, including transfer of technologies, to meet Polish requirements. In light of the importance of the Polish market, Elbit Systems is actively leveraging its technological capabilities and sharing these technologies with local Polish partners. Earlier this year, Elbit Systems and the Polish Armament Group (PGZ) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) regarding their commitment to explore potential cooperation opportunities in the fields of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Directional Infrared Countermeasures (DIRCM), Electronic Warfare (EW) systems, unmanned surface vessels, and other systems. At booth #22-E Hall E, & external exhibit area #ZG-28, Elbit Systems presents a wide array of innovative product suites and solutions:

Elbit Systems' HERMES 900 is displayed in the PGZ Outdoor Display Area #ZC-6.

HERMES 900 (displayed in the PGZ Outdoor Display Area #ZC-6) – A multi-mission UAS with long endurance and flight altitude of 30,000ft, the HERMES 900 has a 2.5m long internal payload bay. It is capable of accommodating up to 250kg and allowing quick modular payload installation and replacement. The HERMES 900 provides a full ISR visual for Marine Corps and other forces during special operations. It also offers an advanced satellite communication data link and is operated from Elbit Systems' universal command & control ground station (UGCS), enabling advanced mission management, highly autonomous and effective mission operation and automatic takeoff and landing (IATOL) capability common to all the UAS in the Hermes family.

HERMES 450 (displayed in the PGZ Outdoor Display Area #ZC-6) is highly portable and easily deployed by maneuvering forces, and is also controlled by the UGCS and can autonomously execute diverse and concurrent missions. Its IATOL system enables auto-landing even on alternate semi-prepared strips.

Elbit Systems' HERMES 450 is displayed in the PGZ Outdoor Display Area #ZC-6.

SEAGULL, is a multi-mission 12 meter autonomous Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV), equipped with a dipping sonar to detect submarines and maritime mines. It is capable of carrying and launching light weight torpedoes to counter these threats.

FOXTRACK Ground Surveillance Radar System is a lightweight and compact man-portable radar that monitors a designated area of interest as well as detects and tracks any moving target. It can be carried by two operators – soldiers, special operations forces or security personnel.  It is deployable in a tripod-mounted configuration or can be installed on-board a vehicle.

Elbit Systems’ Multi-Spectral Infrared Countermeasure (MUSIC - to be presented in the PGZ Outdoor Display Area #ZC-6), systems are airborne self-protection for helicopters and small to medium fixed-wing turboprop aircraft against heat seeking ground to air missiles. All systems in the MUSIC family employ cutting edge technology, including a unique fibre-laser DIRCM technology together with a high rate thermal camera, a and a small, highly dynamic sealed turret to provide effective protection to all types of aircraft under the full range of operational conditions.

Elbit Systems’ Live Combat Training System (LCTS) for land forces provides a comprehensive solution for joint tactical force-on-force live training. LCTS offers a realistic, unified, live training environment that is fully independent and easily deployable. The system enables efficient training in various terrains - including urban areas - without the need for any on-site installation. The fully integrated training system combines laser suites for dismounted infantry and armoured vehicles, independent broadband communications and control center capabilities.

An integrated combat suite enhancing the effectiveness of the dismounted soldier suite of solutions, DOMINATOR is comprised of a series of integrated hardware components, C4I applications and an advanced load carriage system developed in-house, dramatically shortening the sensor-to-shooter loop.

Elbit Systems WINBMS (Weapon-Integrated Battle Management System, presented in the external exhibit area ZG-28) is a networked integrated battle management solution that enhances the connectivity and coordination of maneuvering forces at the tactical level.