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06 September 2016

MSPO 2016: Rafael Showcases Air Superiority and Land Systems

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems is exhibiting at booth #E-36 at MSPO 2016, in Kielce, Poland, and is presenting the following systems:

IRON DOME interceptor (TAMIR): Combat-Proven active defence interceptor against Short Range Artillery Rockets with more than 1500 combat interceptions
I-DERBY: Innovative active radar air-to-air missile, providing aircraft with outstanding and effective performance in short range up to long BVR intercepts. The missile incorporates the innovative I-DERBY software-defined RF seeker, combined with a unique increase of kinematic performance, with ranges of up to 100 kilometres
SPYDER SR/MR: Family of Short and Medium Range Air Defence systems
SPICE-250: Stand-off air-to-ground gliding bomb with 100km range, based on Rafael's unique scene-matching technology used in its already combat proven SPICE-1000 and 2000 guidance kits
TROPHY Active Protection System for armored platforms (heavy, medium and light weight vehicles)
SPIKE FAMILY, consisting of Multi-Purpose, Tactical, Guided Missile Systems suited for land, air and sea platforms, multiple ranges (0-30km) and a variety of targets
PROTECTOR USV: Unmanned Integrated Naval Combat System featuring EW capabilities
TORBUSTER: A fourth generation torpedo countermeasure for submarines
C-GEM: Shipborne Off-Board Active Decoy against current and new generation anti-ship missiles
SUBSCUT: Counter-Torpedo systems

Rafael's PROTECTOR USV Unmanned Integrated Naval Combat System featuring EW capabilities

Rafael SPICE 2000

Rafael SPICE 1000 on F-16

Rafael's SPYDER-MR Missiles

Rafael SUBSCUT Counter-Torpedo System

Rafael TORBUSTER fourth generation torpedo countermeasure for submarines