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09 September 2016

MSPO 2016: Raytheon Offers Poland Stunner/SkyCeptor missile for the WISŁA

During 2016 in Kielce it was announced that Raytheon was granted permission from the government of the United States to offer Poland the SkyCeptor for its WISŁA medium-range air and missile defence system, which is likely to be based on the Patriot system. The SkyCeptor is intended as Poland’s low-cost interceptor but in the future it could be jointly offered to foreign customers.

SkyCeptor is a US-compliant variant of the Stunner missile, jointly developed by Israeli and US industry (Rafael and Raytheon). Stunner is now being introduced into an operational service in Israel (the David’s Sling missile defence). Fielding for the Israeli Defense Forces commenced in 2016. It is a kinetic (hit-to-kill) missile able to intercept short to medium ballistic missiles (70-250 km), cruise missiles and other air-breathing threats Poland or any other US ally may face. According to Raytheon, the SkyCeptor will be much cheaper than missiles already used by the Patriot system, including the PAC-3, PAC-3 MSE and GEM-T.

Raytheon informed that initial integration works on the SkyCeptor missiles have already started. So far four intercept test series have been completed. It is believed that Polish industry might have a significant share in co-development and co-production (more than 50% according to Raytheon). It is worth a reminder that in July 2016 Raytheon signed a letter of intent with PGZ. According to this agreement, 50% of the value of the WISŁA programme will remain in Poland as Polish workshare. PGZ will become Raytheon’s global partner for Patriot export. Polish industry will be awarded contracts for launchers, trucks and support equipment.