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09 September 2016

MSPO 2016: Ukrainian Companies Present Innovation

Despite an ongoing war in Ukraine, a large number of Ukrainian defence companies attended the MSPO 2016 trade show in Kielce. They were all represented by UkrOboronProm (Ukrainian Defense Industry), an association of more than 100 companies in the defence sector in Ukraine (from five groups: armoured vehicles, artillery, special equipment; aircraft engineering and repair; shipbuilding; precision weapons and ammunition; communication and electronics). This is the third time UkrOboronProm has been present in Kielce during MSPO.

Companies represented by UkrOboronProm during MSPO 2016:

 UKRSETSEXPORT: export and import of military and dual-use products and services;

 UKRINMASH: delivery of arms, ammunition and special purpose military equipment;

 SPETSEHNOEKSPORT: export and import of military equipment and technologies;

 LVIV STATE AIRCRAFT REPAIR PLANT: repair of aircraft and aviation equipment (mainly of MiG family);
 ANTONOV: design and pro
duction of aircraft;

 ARTEM: production and export of more than 70 military products, including medical equipment;

 MYKOLAYIV AIRCRAFT REPAIR PLANT: major overhauls and repairs of aircraft and engines;

 ZHYTOMYR ARMOURED PLANT: manufacture, overhauls and upgrades of light armoured vehicles, armoured carriers;

 SCIENTIFIC TECHNICAL COMPLEX: artillery armaments production, spare parts and components production;

 DESIGN BUREAU – ARTILLERY ARMAMENT: design and production of artillery systems, small arms and ammunitions;


 KYIV ARMOURED PLANT: production of light arms for armoured vehicles, overhauls and upgrades of various vehicles, spare parts production;

 KONOTOP AIRCRAFT REPAIR PLANT AVIAKON: overhauls and refurbishments, upgrades (Mi-2, Mi-6, Mi-7, Mi-17, Mi-24, Mi-35, Mi-26 helicopters);

 LVIV STATE PLANT LORTA: manufacture of anti-air systems, aviation technologies and armoured vehicles, radar stations.
A list of Ukrainian products promoted by UkrOboronProm during MSPO 2016 includes:

 40 mm under-barrel grenade launcher integrated with the AKM/AK-74 assault rifle. Its rate of fire is 5-6 rounds per minutes, weight is 1.55 kg and grenade muzzle velocity 76 m/s.

 Anti-tank laser-guided missile, also able to destroy hardened targets and tanks with active armour (ERA) thanks to a shaped-charge tandem warhead. This missile, according to representatives of UkrOboronProm, can be fired from several guns: 125 mm (including T-80UD, T-84, T-72AG, T-72B, T-72C, T-84BM Oplot, T-64BM Bulat), 120 mm and 100 mm (T-55MB and MT-12 anti-tank guns).

 RS-80KO air-launched unguided 80 mm rockets with shaped-charge/fragmentation warhead. It is intended to destroy tanks, lightly armoured vehicles, troops and fixed positions. Declared armour penetration is 400 mm.

 BTR-3E1 armoured personal carrier for 9-13 troops. Maximum speed is 10 k/h afloat or 100 km/h on paved roads. The hull protects against 7.62 mm rounds and according to UkrOboronProm it is possible to improve the ballistic protection to the level of 12.7 mm rounds. Declared range is 600 km.

 ADROS KT-01 AVE station for optical electronic suppression, intended for active protection of helicopters against guided missiles with infrared homing targeting systems.

 KOLCHUGA electronic warfare support system on a wheeled platform, intended for detection of radiofrequency emissions. It operates in 130-470 MHz, 750-18,000 bands. It can provide effective detection and target location from up to 600 km and information on up to 200 air targets.

 Tanks such as T-84 OPLOT, T-84 YATAGAN, T-64/B BULAT and modernisation services for the T-72 and T-55 tanks.

Robert Czulda