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29 September 2016

New Maintenance Simulator for EUROFIGHTER Technicians

Airbus Defence & Space (DS) has delivered a new MAINTENANCE TRAINING SIMULATOR (MST) for the Luftwaffe EUROFIGHTER fleet. The simulator can be used to provide realistic, efficient training for standard maintenance and repair workflows, as well as for more complex tasks such as fault identification, system tests and troubleshooting.

Airbus Defence & Space (DS) has delivered a new MAINTENANCE TRAINING SIMULATOR (MST) for the Luftwaffe EUROFIGHTER fleet. 

The MST is a PC-supported virtual maintenance trainer and can be deployed in a stand-alone configuration or networked. Each workstation replicates the functionality of a Tranche 2 EUROFIGHTER in a 3D environment with high fidelity graphics. Simulating all aircraft signals, it reflects the ‘live’ aircraft even in situations deviating from standard procedure, setting a new standard for maintenance simulation.

Using 30 animated diagrams and simulating 32 ground service or test devices, the MST allows trainees to see deep inside the aircraft in real time and to train even when ‘live’ devices are unavailable. Some 400 fault scenarios can be simulated, with trainees able to resolve them independently or under guidance. A cockpit replica and real control elements reinforce the tactile learning experience, which extends to the simulation of radar tests as well as engine test runs.
A supplement to rather than a replacement for in-aircraft training, the MST can dramatically reduce the expensive training hours involving real aircraft’ while also removing the possible damage to the aircraft and danger to the trainees.

The MST forms part of the Virtual Maintenance Trainer product family and was developed at the Airbus DS Military Air Systems Centre in Manching, in close collaboration with the Luftwaffe Technical Training Centre. It was delivered in early July 2016.