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05 September 2016

New UF STRIKER STEALTH SMOCK Breathes New Life into Classic Garment

The UF PRO STRIKER STEALTH SMOCK merges features of a combat jacket and a load bearing vest in a very unique way, according to UF PRO.  It is now available to the international market as part of a follow-up to their IWA 2016 launch. The company states that elite paratroop units worldwide have been wearing the SMOCK as a Battle Dress Uniforms (BDU) outer garment since WWII; however, many question the SMOCK’s practicality for modern soldiers with increased body armour and bulky chest-rigs use.

UF PRO’s design team reinvented the paratrooper SMOCK via a conceptual change: The new STRIKER STEALTH SMOCK was born out of a project with a German military unit search of a jacket that provides a fuller pocket functionality for their most essential items for quick missions.

UF PRO created the STRIKER STEALTH SMOCK jacket to carry a wide range of essentials. It can carry 12-15kg, with increased soldier agility and decreased body burden when fully loaded. The new jacket integrates breathable load-bearing system, consisting of two modules: A waist belt affixed to the hip to more efficiently manage weight burden; and a huge area of air/PAC inserts in the upper torso / back area for carrying remaining burden.

The STRIKER STEALTH SMOCK pocket configuration is modular with an integrated front MOLLE system, allowing the soldier the choice of attaching their own or new UF PRO pouches.  The jacket has arm pockets to hold the UF PRO Elbow pads; and its hood-harness setup allows unhindered vision, air circulation, and hearing while wearing the hood.