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05 September 2016

Rheinmetall to Supply Training City for Middle East Customer

Rheinmetall announced 2 September it has won a contract , against significant competition and worth in excess of €10 million, to provide an ultramodern urban operations training facility for a customer in the Middle East/North Africa (MENA) region.

Training soldiers in urban operations demands precise location and comprehensive categorisation of individual weapon characteristics and capabilities. (Photo: Rheinmetall)

The company says that the complete ‘training city’ will incorporate technical features that will make it, “the world’s most advanced training centre for preparing soldiers and security personnel for urban operations.”

Core elements of the Rheinmetall system, to be installed in an urban environment designed and constructed by the customer, will include a high-performance wireless data and position locating system and a state-of-the-art control and evaluation centre with presentation systems for pre- and post-exercise briefings and reviews. The ‘city’ comprises more than 150 buildings, including residential districts and commercial centres, with some buildings up to nine stories in height, with a complex road transport and river bridge system. It can be configured for simulation-supported force-on-force exercises using laser engagement systems or live fore operations.

Rheinmetall’s innovative LEGATUS live simulation system lies at the heart of the capabilities the new training city facility will provide for national and regional force. LEGATUS is also a central feature of the contract the company recently won for enhancements to the Bundeswehr’s Schnöggersburg Centre for Military Operations in Urban Terrain.