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27 September 2016

Royal Jordanian Air Force to Receive New F-16 Training Environment

Under a contract valued at U$40 million Lockheed Martin is to deliver a new simulation-based F-16 training environment to the Royal Jordanian Air Force. The company will deliver a family of training systems including a comprehensive suite of full mission trainers and combat tactics trainers capable of being networked. The suite of simulators is scheduled for delivery in 2018, at which time the company will also provide contractor logistics support services.

The training environment will include the Scalable Advanced Graphics Engine (SAGE) image generator developed by Lockheed Martin, which blends the company's expertise in military simulation with advanced gaming technology to provide richly detailed images and motion for increased realism in flight simulation.

Our solution builds on our proven fifth-generation training system with hardware and software tailored for the F-16," said Sandy Samuel, vice president of Lockheed Martin's Training and Simulation Solutions. "By fielding a family of training systems, we can help the Royal Jordanian Air Force reserve higher fidelity devices for more advanced training scenarios and optimize their pilot throughput in training."