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21 September 2016

UK Extends Training for Egyptian Military

During a visit to Cairo, UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon reaffirmed the UK’s commitment to training hundreds of Egyptian military personnel.

UK Secretary of State for Defence Michael Fallon, MP,  arriving in Cairo this week (British Embassy Cairo)

Over 80 Egyptian soldiers have been trained in the UK over the last year or more in counter-IED and close protection techniques. This baseline will now be further exploited in a ‘train the trainer’ methodology, to ensure the effective replication of this training within Egypt itself. “We are now going to step up co-operation with our Egyptian allies to help them increase training capacity in their Armed Forces,” Fallon said.

During his visit to Egypt, Mr. Fallon met Egyptian counterpart, Defence Minister Sedki Sobhi, Egyptian Armed Forces Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Mahmoud Hegazy, and Minister of Military Production Maj.-Gen. Mohamed El Assar.

The UK has a longstanding contribution to the Multinational Force and Observers (MFO), a multinational peacekeeping organisation based in Egypt. Earlier this year around 100 troops from the corps of Royal Engineers deployed to provide short-term engineering support to the MFO.